The Myths in Orthopedic Medicine/ Surgery is Not Your Last Resort

Has anyone ever told you, “There’s not much more we can do for you. So now you’re a candidate for surgery”?

Yes? Have you been confused to hear there was nothing in the scope of medicine short of surgery to help you now? To be told that the only option is to go through a risky and painful surgery which may or may not be the solution? Yes again?

Let us tell you the truth. What you have heard is a common myth that permeates much of orthopedic medicine.

We can confidently state that it is just a myth because we have a proven solution to your problem. What we do is called interventional orthopedics. We use tissues derived from your own blood and/or bone marrow to stimulate repair. 

We don’t want to wait until it’s too late and nothing else can be done. When injuries are early and degenerative changes are not severe, it’s possible to arrest those changes. Our techniques start the healing process in the body and get you back to health. This way you don’t even have to think about surgery.

To be honest, this is the only known way to prevent surgery by initiating a regenerative process in the body.

So, give us a call at Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics for a consultation. We’ll review your imaging including MRIs and X-rays to determine if you’re an eligible candidate for one of our procedures.

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